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Atomic Treatment: Double Feature - "Turnabout Man" and "It Can't Last"

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

Atomic Treatment: Double Feature - "Turnabout Man" and "It Can't Last"

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Odd little mid-war film warning about waning concern for our boys overseas. An interesting juxtoposition to the "Go to Disneyworld" philosophy from G Bush about the current war and Americans attitudes.  At the end we see our "hero" shot down in war thus making him a viable candidate for future president.

"Turnabout Man" is supposed to show us what would happen if people took their everyday bad driving habits into their daily pedestrian lives. Instead it only makes us want to kill the grumpy hate filled protagonist.

These used to be on my Youtube page with  very bad sound.  Rerecorded.  Please give any and all feedback!

Runtime 26:45

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Atomic Treatment