Atomic Treatment: Battle of the Worlds

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Atomic Treatment: Battle of the Worlds

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Casablanca.  Mr Smith Goes to Washington.  Lawrence of Arabia. These are the legacy Claude Rains flushes down the toilet with his participation in Battle of the Worlds, an Italian Sci-Fi wreck that meanders through an exhausting plot only to wind up - oh wait, I'll ruin the disappointing ending!

The Italian-ey film is all the more weird whe you realize all of Rains' lines are in English while the rest of the cast is overdubbed from the Italian.  Clearly, Rains' casting was the big spend on the film, and he appears to have had a waiver that he didn't have to stand for more than five minutes or stay sober for shooting. 

The movie has something to do with alien ships causing storms or something. Enjoy!

Not in my usual format, don't worry, back to it with my next release.  Runtime 1:24:20

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