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Anime iRiff: Ranma 1/2 Martial Mayhem: Give Me That Pigtail!

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

When the episode is random FOR Ranma 1/2, that says something!

As such is the case with episode one of the fifth season, Martial Mayhem's "Give me that Pigtail!"  There's a few moments that make you wonder if at one point the director just says 'We're going crazy for the sake of being crazy.'  Then again, what else can you say when one of the scenes involves a minor character urinating over a cliff for no apperent reason?  Also yes, Ranma's pig tail is implied to be a certain... manly tool... in the ep, but more so in the next one which will be iRiffted soon.

In the meantime, sit back, kick back, and enjoy the random.

EDIT: Yeah, I know I misprounced the title, sorry, my bad I thought it was a joke on how many fiancees Ranma gets.  Still, don't let this turn you off from bad jokes IN the iRiff.  Please enjoy!

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