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Jon Voight is a deeply disturbed, homicidal maniac with an Ahab-type-Level 3 obsession.  That's handy for the movie Anaconda where he plays a homicidal maniac snake poacher with an Ahab-type-Level 3 obsession with giant snakes.  However, Mr. Voight is required to flex his acting muscles a bit for the rest of the character in order to create the insanely cartoonish expressions of Paul Sarone who employs a Wile E. Coyote style plot to, for some reason, trick a documentary film crew into coming along on his hunting trip. Oh, and there's also J Lo as the hot survivor girl, Ice Cube as the token black guy, and a handful of other dolts who might as well have "Snake Bait" tattooed on their foreheads.

So sit back and enjoy as Logan Jones a.k.a. Riffer Zero tears into this wretched piece of cellulose for his inaugural Riff. (Lame election time tie-in phrasing  entirely incidental)

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