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America's Favorite Team-Up vs. I Like Bikes

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

Driving can be tough. Especially when idiots on bicycles are in your way.  I mean, seriously, get a car or get out of the way, Ike the Bike.  Whether you feel that way yourself or think I’m a turd for saying it, this short is for you. 

Join America’s Favorite Guy, Doug Driesel Jr. (Orwellian Nightmare Society) as he teams with’s Ed Galvez to weather I Like Bikes, a story of a young woman as she has to watch out for morons on bikes.

(P.S. We ruin the ending to the US version of Life on Mars.  Well, actually, WE don’t ruin it.  The producers of the US version of Life on Mars ruined it.  We just talk about it briefly.)

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