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Alcohol is Dynamite

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Alcohol is Dynamite

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Drinking: Most of us are doing it right now. Pilots do it. Doctors do it. I even know a certain Weimaraner that enjoys a beer or two -- every now and then. But have you ever worried needlessly about what alcohol can do to you? No? Perfect.

Join Sean and Scott as they fire up the Wayback Machine and take us back to a simpler time when children could be convinced of anything [even a desk saving them from an atomic blast] as long as someone made a short film about it.

Thrill as two kids with scoliosis and bad hair cuts learn about the real danger that's lurking inside that bottle.

So, grab a drink or two and hanker down for a short from the 1700s about the evils of alcohol! But with interruptions and sarcastic comments!

[This is an all-new, Two Riffer Edition of the short released last year by Lost Playhouse Theatre.]

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