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A Case For Beer [VOD] - A Joint from the Kids on the Street

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A Case For Beer [VOD] - A Joint from the Kids on the Street

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 I ask you, who among us hasn't cranked The Doors on our stereo while walking into the 7-11 to buy beer for our underaged friends? Or slapped down exact change and raced for the door? Or even dressed up in short shorts and a sports bra in an attempt to buy beer without being carded? (And that's why Glen is never, ever allowed to go back to Applebee's.)

You'll learn about all of these tactics and more in this short brought to you by the good people at the Falstaff brewery (who definitely didn't take every opportunity to stick their brand name front-and-center). Yes, those wacky teenagers are out to put you, the honest, hard-working convenience store owner out of business and behind bars. But you can fight back! Learn how, as Glen Williams of The Kids on the Street examines "A Case for Beer!"

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