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Cheep Tunes - Music from RiffTrax Live (Vinyl)




Kids! Adults! Samurais! Space Mutineers! Listen up! RiffTrax has collected the best songs and musical moments from over ten years of RiffTrax Live shows, and immortalized them in digital and collectible-quality vinyl formats. But you won’t want to seal this in plastic and hide it from the world; you’ll want to open it up, pop it on the platter, and have the whole gang over for a sock-hop!

All our favorite songs from the live show end credits - Samurai Cop Rockin’ Action Theme, Mutiny of Love, The Legend of Octaman, and more. Plus, special musical moments from the live shows, like Bill Corbett’s touching ode to short films, our own version of the Jack The Giant Killer theme, and scenes from Birdemic that inspired us to musical outbursts. 

With amazing artwork by Lucas Antoniak inspired by R. Crumb’s legendary cover for Cheap Thrills, and a liner filled with all the lyrics, it’s beautiful, collectible, listenable - heck, it’s danceable! So buy two - one to play right away, and one to archive next to your original British pressing of Yessongs.  

NOTE: Pre-orders will be charged now, but won't ship until around September 12, 2024. This date is an estimate and subject to change. (Access to the digital album is available immediately after you place your pre-order!)

Shipping only to U.S. and Canada.

The vinyl album includes access to the digital version as well. NOTE: If you've already pre-ordered this from our Kickstarter (or PledgeManager) then you do not need to purchase again here, unless you would like extras.