RiffTrax Sings! (Digital album)


Here it is, a new collection of songs from Rifftrax - Golden Oldies, Platinum Newbies, and Rhodium… um, In-Betweenies. There’s something for everyone here, Twilight lovers, Bond fans, kilt-wearers, Tolkien freaks, car chase junkies, lexicographers, horror freaks and those with a penchant for women with mustaches. That’s pretty much everyone, right?

We hope you enjoy these ditties as much as we enjoy writing and singing them. So pour yourself a jug of moonshine, slip into your James Bond terry-cloth swim ensemble and swing away with Rifftrax!

Includes MP3 and burnable CD of the following tunes:

  1. Swing Away (from Starship Troopers Kickstarter)
  2. Bella's Lullaby
  3. (The Ballad of) Rufus Amos Adams
  4. James Bond is Having a Bad Day
  5. Car Chase Boogie (from Starship Troopers Kickstarter)
  6. Ghan-Buri Ghan (Parody of "Gone Daddy Gone" by Violent Femmes)
  7. Yahtzee, You and I (Me) (from Starship Troopers Kickstarter)
  8. Moon Shine
  9. Planet of Dinosaurs Theme
  10. Voodoo Man (Inspired by the Bela Lugosi Classic)
  11. Alphabet of Love (from Starship Troopers Kickstarter)