Total Riff Off Episode 1: Killer Shrimp N' Friends

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2 April 2014

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Killer Shrimp ‘N Friends - no, it’s not a new appetizer platter at your favorite casual dining restaurant, but it IS a smorgasbord of strange creatures, people, and underwear! From a ball-breaking mantis shrimp, to the seemingly-named-by-Wes-Anderson Geographer’s Cone Snail, to a dog with a penchant for unmentionables, to the UTTERLY HORRIBLE thing baby koalas put into their mouths, there’s plenty of weird stuff in the natural world for us to sink our, er, teeth into.

All that, plus an old man and his seal (strange reboot of the classic Hemingway novel), terrifying dino-birds, and tasmanian devils - not quite as tornado-y as cartoons have led us to believe, much more into “killing things and living inside them.”

There’s a lot to love in this episode, almost too much really, so get to it and join Mike, Kevin, and Bill (and, seriously, some utterly disgusting koalas) for National Geographic's TOTAL RIFF OFF: Killer Shrimp ‘N Friends!

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43 mins

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