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Basement Dwellers Riffs: The Phantom Empire Chapter 8

Ah, yes the JAWS OF JEOPARDY! It was around the time when the Jaws series of film had reached it's nadir with Bruce the Great White Shark appearing on game shows....

... What? You say this is not part of the Jaws franchise? You mean this is another one of those crappy singing cowboy...

Coming soon!

Our next project will be THE PHANTOM EMPIRE Chapter 8 - Jaws of Jeopardy! It will be released March 22nd, 2011.It's part of an iRiff crossover project. You can find the other chapters here:

Star Trek:TNG The Last Outpost - Basement Dwellers Riffs

Journey with us back to 1987. It was a time when Star Trek fans were filled with hope as The Next Generation was about to air and the resurrection was at hand. Then we all stared in horror as season one unfolded. Here is one of the worst examples of the early years of TNG: THE LAST OUTPOST....

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Gung Ho! - Basement Dwellers Riffs

Before there was From Here To Eternity,
Before The Winds of War,
Before The Sands of Iwo Jima,
Before The Longest Day,

Before Tora, Tora, Tora, Das Boot,  Apocalypse Now, or The Dirty Dozen,

{...but albeit...

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