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Do you ever stop to reflect on what an ungrateful, useless little puke you were as a child?  Like when your father came home after his 60 hour work week with the new lunchbox he thought you wanted, and you threw a red-faced tantrum because it was Go-Bots, not Transformers?  Or the time your mother served the stuffed turkey she spent the whole day perfecting, and you flipped it on the floor, shrieking that you wanted McNuggets and didn't love her anymore?

Yes, children are terrible.  And Family Teamwork gleefully drives that point home, with help from a brain-drilling theme wonderfully reminiscent of the music from Nintendo's Bubble Bobble.  One boy turns sour when he learns his family's newfound poverty means they can't afford the trailer-tent he had his heart set on.  Selfishly, he never thinks to ask how his family feels, or what the hell a trailer-tent might be.  In this, and other scenarios, Family Teamwork serves up a heaping helping of shame, teaching kids important lessons about the joys of responding to passive-aggressive guilt.  For the team!

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for Family soon as they get off those dang skateboards...wait, they STILL haven't washed the car?  Of all the no-good...great, there goes my ulcer.   

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June 15, 2010

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