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Say hello to Brainiac, one of the finest movie monsters we’ve ever had the pleasure to know! Sure, he looks like the Troll dolls’ creepy uncle who’s no longer invited to family gatherings. Sure, his mask seems to have been hastily assembled out of found garbage and shower-drain hair five minutes before they started shooting the movie. Sure, he sucks brain matter through his ridiculous plastic tongue, then saves it in a fancy dish to be secretly eaten during posh dinner parties where he could easily be caught. Hm, seems like we should put something nice about him here to round this out. Well, he’s a very snappy dresser.

Back in 1661, a Spanish baron in the middle of burning at the stake escaped by hitching a ride on a passing comet, as one does. And now he returns, 300 years later, a shapeshifting monstrosity bent on killing the descendants of those who wronged him, via a series of polite social gatherings (this is the actual plot). Luckily, those who wronged him somehow only have one descendant each, and all the descendants still happen to live in the same town, and also look exactly like the ancestors he knew 300 years ago. What a timesaver for a busy Brainiac on the go!

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill and let’s all get our pesky thinking parts gobbled up by Brainiac!

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July 2, 2012

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