What It Means to Be An American (Part 2)

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Many of us were left frustrated when What It Means to Be An American: Part 1 ended without answering the titular question. In fact, many of you noticed that it did not in fact appear to address the question, or even show the faintest hint that it was aware that it would later be titled What It Means to Be An American. But lest you grow so disgusted with the WIMTBAA series that you decide not to show up to find out how the saga ends (See: The Matrix Reloaded), rest assured that What It Means to Be An American: Part 2 provides adequate* closure** to the series, answering*** all of your questions.****

Mike, Kevin and Bill stand at attention to riff Part 2 of What It Means to Be An American, truly the Godfather***** 2****** of Shorts Sequels.



***never touching on

****what it means to be an American

*****Police Academy

******4: Citizens On Patrol

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September 18, 2009

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