What it Means to be an American (Part 1)

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In 2009, if you ask someone What It Means To Be An American you'll get a simple response: a willingness to deep-fry anything and everything.  But back in the fifties, before anyone had invented deep-fried cigarettes, it wasn't as clearly defined.  School children, construction workers, zoo keepers, cosmonauts-in-training, gaffers, carnies, unemployed janitors, First Lady Eisenhower, TV Clowns, drifters, tight ends, falconry enthusiasts; none of them had any idea What It Means To Be An American.

Nowhere was this more clear than with the producers of the short, What It Means To Be An American.  Clearly the recipients of a Brewster's Millions-esque financial windfall that they were forced to spend within a certain amount of time or else lose it, they created the most incoherent and rambling testament to American-ness since the inaugural address where Grover Cleveland asserted that leprechauns were controlling the world's supply of tea.

Falconry enthusiasts Mike, Kevin and Bill team up to riff Part One of What It Means To Be An American, despite its appalling lack of falcons.

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September 11, 2009

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