Heated Seats

Heated Seats presents Heated Shorts Vol 2

(60 minutes long, VOD, no syncing required) Includes:

Short: Everyday Courtesy

Commercials: DentuCreme, Newport cigarettes

Short: Age of Turmoil

Commercials: Ozon hairspray, Folgers coffee

Short: A Word To The Wives

Commercials: Ivory soap, Chef Boy-Ar-...

Heated Seats presents Heated Shorts VOD

Life is full of situations that require special skills & particular information. For instance, do you know how Corning Glass Works uses housewives like lab rats? Do you have what it takes to sell washing machines & shotguns? Can you take down Hitler with a crop of corn from Vermont? Well...

Heated Seats presents Runaway

Quick! Name a sci-fi movie from 1984 that features murderous robots. If you said The Terminator, you're right, and you get a cookie. If you said Runaway, you're also right, but...um...what the hell is wrong with you? Well, either way, everyone should enjoy this historically accurate tale...

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Heated Seats presents Marked for Death

Somewhere buried deep within Steven Seagal's Marked for Death is a thought-provoking film about a Vietnam veteran whose work as a troubleshooter for the DEA keeps his unending bloodlust in check. But that film never surfaces, and instead completely loses it's way somewhere between Seagal's...

Heated Seats presents Touched by an Angel

For 9 long years, CBS insisted on airing Touched by an Angel, week after week. Our grandmothers delighted in the weekly triumph of a strange Scottish angel in the face of heartbreak & hardship...without noticing the bad acting, awful writing, or even Della Reese. I mean, Della Reese...she...

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