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Fanboy Sci-Fi Theater - Gamera in DESTROY ALL PLANETS

    This GAMERA film was apparently so bad, and so thoroughly padded with stock footage from previous GAMERA films, that even Sandy Frank wanted nothing to do with it!  The brave souls at American International Pictures (AIP) released this film directly to TV under the name...

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Fanboy Sci-Fi Theater - GAMERA VS. MONSTER X

CORNJOB is back in GAMERA VS. MONSTER X!!  By this time, we pretty much know what to expect from a GAMERA film:  two Japanese guys in rubber suits fighting amongst cardboard buildings, while a couple of annoying kids shout “Gamera” over and over....

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Fanboy Sci-Fi Theater - GAMERA SUPER MONSTER

     This was the FINAL installment in the original GAMERA film series, and is quite possibly the WORST!  Evil alien invaders (AGAIN?  Don’t these stupid aliens ever learn?) from the planet Zanon attack Earth in an Imperial Star Destroyer they...

Welcome to the world of FANBOY SCI-FI THEATER

 In a haunted, swampy mansion—way down in the deep south (the Florida Everglades to be exact)—obsessed B-movie fan LAWRENCE WOOLSEY was feeling down ‘round the mouth.  His favorite TV series, Mystery Science Theater 3000, was cancelled back in 1999, and...


What’s really a wonder is how any audience could manage to sit through this painfully-long 2005 remake by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) without the benefit of an iRiff commentary.  If you thought the previous 1976 remake by Dino De Laurentiis was bad, you ain...

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