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Rifftrax is boldly going where no Rifftrax has gone before, and it’s not just a hokey cliché, we really mean it! Rifftrax Presents veteran riffers Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, beaning on (or is it “beaming?” I can never remember) the most ambitious exercise in fan fiction since that really good Civil War reenactment! These are sumptuously produced “new episodes” of the original Star Trek series, authentically detailed and produced by Trek fans, yet with the beefy swagger of a roomful of Shatners.

Rifftrax Presents: Star Trek: Phase II: World Enough and Time! A title that has more colons than a gastroenterologist’s waiting room, and also contains more delicious hamming than Smithfield, Virginia at Easter. Original Series veteran George Takei reprises his role as Sulu, but as an older Sulu, due to a spontaneous fluctuation in the space-time…Okay, it doesn’t really matter, does it? It has Sulu, pretty women, pretty men, time-warping, and enough wigs to fill Phyllis Diller’s closet.

Like all other RiffTrax, you are only purchasing the audio commentary; the video must be downloaded separately! You can download the video to sync with your mp3 file at!

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May 8, 2008

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