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It's every parent's nightmare:  You're woken up at 3AM by a knock at your front door.  When you open it, there's a somber looking policeman standing there, his hat in his hands. He avoids eye contact with you, and his voice quivers as he begins to speak.  Before he even gets a word out, you know what he's going to say.  "Sir," he quivers.  "Your son...wants a doll." 

The producers of William's Doll want you to believe that a boy with a doll is perfectly normal.  For some reason, they made a film that convinces everyone of the exact opposite. We here at RiffTrax are as open-minded as they come regarding childhood toys.  Some of us even grew up playing with a toy called Stinkor: The Evil Master of Odors, and we turned out alright.*  But by the time the train wreck of William's Doll comes to its unspeakable conclusion, you'll be taking to the streets with your fellow Doll Party members, seizing and burning every doll you find just so they never end up in the hands of a boy.**

The twisted minds behind William's Doll made their defense of boys playing with dolls by combining two of the most loathsome things our planet has ever known: warbly 60's folk music and senior citizens.  The guy who sings the William's Doll Theme sounds like Donovan singing Hurdy Gurdy Man after several months of gender reversal hormone treatment and a kick from a mule in what remains of his nads.  But even that pales in comparison to William's grandfather, who walks in the door looking like the sun-dried corpse of Larry David and immediately begins his fiendish doll-enabling.

Bright spots include William's Dad, a grown, presumably employed man who wears a red mesh hat with a Goofy patch, who would rather let his son play with a Super Soaker Oozinator*** than a doll.  If you can find one of these hats, please let Mike, Kevin and Bill know.  They'll trade you an Oozinator for it.

*Slightly stinky though
**Stay away from that Cabbage Patch Doll that devours your hair though****
***Google it
****Or better yet, give it to William's grandfather

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Release date

August 6, 2010


18 minutes

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