Why Vandalism?

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Why Vandalism?  It's the one question that kept parents in the fifties up at night.  Why would my boy turn to vandalism for thrills when they could be listening to Burl Ives 45s or campaigning for Adlai Stevenson?  While they were pondering this, their boys were out vandalizing things.  This short follows three boys—Jeff, Ron & Burger—who spend all their time hanging out together, complaining that none of them have any friends.  Their positive attitude, combined with Burger's poverty, Ron's overbearing parents, and Jeff's bone-crushing stupidity, ensure that their descent into a vortex of vandalism will be a rapid one. 

If you've ever asked yourself "Why Vandalism?" or even just "Why?", you owe it to yourself to watch this short and get the answers you deserve!  Mike, Kevin & Bill are on hand to riff this classic short from the wrong side of the tracks.

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July 31, 2008

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