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Have you ever wondered what the inside of a computer looks like? So did Disney, and it’s pretty clear they didn’t do any research when they made Tron. RiffTrax invites you to join internet superstar Jonathan Coulton and less-famous-but-still-kind-of-funny comedy/music duo Paul and Storm on their adventure through a luminous blue world of phallic helmets, light-up Frisbees and tight white unitards. A pre-Dude Jeff Bridges stars as a hotshot video game programmer who gets laser beamed into the world’s dullest rave by David Warner’s evil supercomputer. Cindy Morgan, fresh from the Denise Richards school of unlikely scientists, maybe has a thing for Bruce Boxleitner, who I think is really good at playing this one motorcycle game or something? We can’t say for sure, there were a lot of flashing lights and Casio synth music and we kind of fell asleep for a little while.

One thing is certain: beneath the silly costumes and bad CGI there’s a powerful message about humanity, communication and freedom, not to mention a studio executive whose creative judgment was impaired by a bad case of Pac-Man fever. Insert coin to continue.

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May 26, 2009

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