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Continuing in the fine tradition of aftermarket sci-fi Series accessories, Rifftrax Presents is proud once again to jump into the fan-licious world of Star Trek Phase II – or Star Trek New Voyages, which appears to be the series’ maiden name. It’s the amazing all-volunteer fan-created continuation of Star Trek, the Original Series but has better sound, cornier corn, pointier Vulcans, paunchier paunches, Scottier Scotties, and it riffs like a dream.

This time around, Riffers Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy pitch their pith at the episode To Serve All My Days, the story of a waitress in love with – no wait, that’s Waitress. This one features the character Pavel Chekov, who after a freak accident becomes the actor Walter Koenig, an affliction for which there is no cure. You get dueling Chekovs, pre-head-bulge Klingons, and a surprise ending that’ll have you standing up and shouting, “Well-it-they-what-the-hunh?”

What are you waiting for? Beam it down, Snotty! Riff long and prosper!

Like all other RiffTrax, you are buying only the audio; the video must be downloaded separately!

To view the video and for more information about the project go to

Under the main toolbar of the site will be a banner that says "VIEW OUR LATEST EPISODES NOW!" in its upper left corner. It also contains spilt posters of To Serve All My Days and World Enough And Time - click the appropriate banner. When the player opens up, click on the "Playlist" button in the lower right corner and scroll down to the movie titled simply "To Serve All My Days" - NOT "New Feature! To Serve All My Days 1969".

Load your Rifftrax into your preferred audio player and follow the syncing instructions using the streaming file.

To download rather than stream, the following mirrors from the main Star Trek New Voyages website offer a variety of formats:
Scroll down to the NON-Night in 1969 "To Serve All My Days" section and download one of the Quicktime or Windows Media files, NOT the versions which are split into 4 parts.
Scroll down to where the page says, in red: "BEST BET: Complete Episode in one download here..." under the second "To Serve All My Days Banner."

>> You can also go to the STNV "To Serve All My Days" page for more options.

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Release date

May 28, 2008

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