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Our most “not in Kansas anymore” release since Avatar! Yes, after years of riffing blockbusters packed with dialogue cliches, we finally went to the source, the motherlode, the true original, The Wizard of Oz. This film is so big and influential that not only movies but books, song lyrics, and even ordinary everyday conversation are 90% Oz references! Quotes, and images, and made-up statistics, oh my!

From flying monkeys to monster trees to casual witch murder, The Wizard of Oz has delighted and permanently traumatized children for decades. It’s a timeless classic, a cultural touchstone, and perfect for riffing. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll say “Wait, in this scene the Scarecrow has a gun?? Was that always there?!” It was!

Join Mike, Bill, Kevin, and their little dog, too, on the yellow brick road to the horse of a different color that’s no place like home but represents the Lollipop Guild and okay that’s probably just about enough lines from The Wizard of Oz!

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January 17, 2014

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