The Toymaker

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Not to be confused with the equally-pathetic Superman villain Toyman, The Toymaker is a strange Scandinavian man who makes toys for all the children in his village. Well, presumably. He doesn’t actually make any toys in this short, and there’s no village, but he DOES pit two of his own puppet creations against each other in a race war of his own making. Then he sort of heavily insists that they respect and bow to him as their Creator, makes them afraid about their place in the universe, and raises the other big philosophical questions kids have always associated The answers to these questions may not be clear, but one thing is - The Toymaker is definitely taking huge swigs of blackberry brandy every time he ducks under his table.

Join Mike, Kevin and Bill in the sinister clutches of our fickle puppet god, The Toymaker

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April 25, 2012

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