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Alfred Higgins Productions famously struck gold with their "demand for obedience masked as fun" short The Following Instructions Game. Flush with confidence and literally tens of dollars in money, the AHP crew tried to replicate their success with a pair of new "game" shorts: The Doing Your Own Laundry Game, followed by The Turning All the Matchsticks in the Box So They Face the Same Direction Game. They even took a shot at board games with Chutes & Don’t Ask Daddy So Many Damned Questions When He's Watching the Aerobics Channel.

These projects were met with utter indifference from the public, and the company would have gone under if not for bankrolling from Alfred Higgins' infamous "pygmy milk bootlegging" fortune. But the light of success finally shone again with the release of The Being On Time Game! Fans were enraptured by the brilliant casting of a child who stunned with her Eleanor Roosevelt good looks. Even Mr. Mac was sprung from prison and convinced to resume his "creepy rhyming workshop freak" role. The critics raved, calling it "Definitely something that was filmed!"

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for an unforgettable round of The Being On Time Game! Don't be late or you'll lose bonus points and harvest eleven counter-demerit units (it's a very complicated game).

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January 4, 2011

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