Ten Long Minutes

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Ten Long Minutes is the harrowing tale of one young man’s attempt to download a grainy .jpg of Alyssa Milano via CompuServe in 1996 before his parents -- wait, sorry, wrong story...just forget you ever read that.

Ten Long Minutes starts off like a classic grisly safety short. An unreasonably happy man goes to work in a factory, which experienced safety short viewers will know is a sure sign that brutal disfigurement and Play-Doh level gore effects are just around the corner. But then, a phone call, and a twist! This time the worker’s carelessness has put not himself, but his family in danger! Leaving him, and his sweaty “Wilford Brimley crossed with the Jump to Conclusions mat guy from Office Space” coworker to sit and imagine what went wrong for Ten Long (and, trust us, hilarious) Minutes!

Release date

February 28, 2013


12 minutes

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