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We all have a certain summer memory.  One that we find ourselves fondly reminiscing over as the days get longer and hotter.  A memory of a different time, when we still retained our childlike innocence, but possessed a desire to stretch our wings and explore the world around us. These days, even though we are very different people, we still watch the sun go down, and our thoughts drift, however briefly, towards that moment when the world was so much simpler, and yet boundless with possibility.

Ours is the time when we got a Bubble O' Bill pop from the ice cream man, then threw a tantrum when our mom wouldn't buy us a second one, then opened the second Bubble O' Bill pop our mortified mother eventually bought for us as tears continued to stream down our face and people stared, then throwing it on the ground in disgust because the bubble gum nose was kind of smooshed and proclaiming that we wished we had never been born. Yes, the summer of 2007 was a heady time.

The point is,Summer Is An Adventure. And whether your summer involves speedboats, hiking, or mostly just ice cream related petulance, you can certainly agree. The two young protagonists of Summer Is An Adventure are slightly better behaved than we were, (despite the bathing outfits they are forced to wear.)  They even tolerate a narrator who occasionally lapses into speedboat-based poetry! But we know that deep down inside, the forced nature walks and firefly collecting of Summer Is An Adventure will eventually unleash a sweaty, sandy, sunburned hellbeast of a child, one that even the sweet, sweet allure of Bubble O' Bill's candy nose cannot tame!

But they might be willing to listen for a Choco Taco...

Mike, Kevin and Bill are always willing to riff for a Choco Taco. 

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May 11, 2010

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