You Can Do Something About Acne

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5 October 2010

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Listen up, pizza-faced creeps!  Until now, you’ve suffered shameful, wretched existences.  Cowering in dark cellars.  Adopting beekeeping as a hobby, just for the veil.  Wearing a drug store Ninja Turtle Halloween mask all year long, playing it off as an ironic affectation.  Even converting to new religions that require face coverings when in public.  But no longer!  The title of our new short makes a clear and simple promise: You Can Do Something About Acne!  And, since this is a RiffTrax short, you can rest assured that promise will go completely unfulfilled!

Yes, get used to your zits and the politely repulsed reactions of the opposite sex, because this film has no real advice for you.  Maybe eat less junk food, maybe don’t, it’s hard to say.  Maybe stop smearing your face with a stick of butter every morning, maybe smear more butter, there’s no good way to know.  One thing’s for sure, though, your face is full of horrible stuff you didn’t know about, including a sticky substance named “sebum”.  That’s right, sebum.  You’re oozing with sebum.  Deal with that.

Excess pus and permanent scarring are NOT* symptoms of joining Mike, Kevin, and Bill for You Can Do Something About Acne!

*Probably.  Really, we can’t be sure.

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