Wing Claw and Fang!

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


28 July 2009

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When we think back on the list of the great entertainers of the past century, a few names universally come to mind:  Sinatra.  Carson.  Lohan.  And Jimmy.  No, not Jimmy Walker.  And not Jimmy Stewart, (Really?  You guessed Jimmy Walker before Jimmy Stewart?)  We're of course talking about Jimmy the Raven, sparkplug of the glorious ensemble cast of Wing, Claw and Fang.

Yes, despite sounding like a sleazy Nevada law firm, or perhaps items from a LARPer's daily checklist, Wing, Claw and Fang is actually a cavalcade of Hollywood's animal stars.  Jimmy leads the way, with his hilarious signature bit of stealing freshly laid eggs and devouring them in front of the distraught hens.  But there's also a heapin' helpin' of tricks form Pete the Penguin, who wows as he "Goes Down the Stairs" and Jesse the Lion, who "Appears to Maul his Trainer Quite Severely."  Yes, Wing, Claw and Fang proves once again that there's no better way to entertain humans than humiliating animals for our amusement. 

Mike, Kevin and Bill gave up on stealing their eggs straight from the hen house after Farmer Dan installed a particularly effective scarecrow.


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