What Makes Things Float?

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


28 October 2011

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What Makes Things Float?” It’s no longer just something for your stoned roommate to mumble before he spreads Nutella on a Chipwich. It’s also an educational short which features two boys who just want to get some damn fishing done but are instead incessantly lectured by an off-camera stranger.

Floating, as it turns out, is pretty complicated to figure out. After breaking new ground in determining that fishing sinkers do not float (this required a 3.2 million dollar grant), we’re taken to a science lab, that clearly did not receive any of this grant money. Here, a motley collection of misfit equipment that looks like its sole purpose is to inflict injury upon young scientist’s eye region, is used to determine “What Makes Things Float?

How exactly is this determined? Sand. Lots of sand. If you’re a petulant Jedi, you may want to stay clear of this lab. Instead, stay in your fishing boat with Mike, Kevin and Bill. They’ll only end up drinking all your beer and daring each other to eat your bait.

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