Vision in the Forest

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


29 March 2011

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Few would argue that Visions in the Forest rarely end well, especially if they’re brought on by the special chocolates the hippie left at your campsite before he scurried off, muttering about spruce bark beetles.  But there’s one thing we all can agree on: few Visions in the Forest are more terrifying than the sight of Vaughn Monroe’s family.

Yes, Vaughn Monroe, best known for singing “Riders in the Sky” in the short Vision in the Forest, loves the great outdoors, and so does his family, despite the fact that two of them appear to be the living dead.  His youngest daughter, who has yet to adopt the ghastly pallor so fancied by her mother and sister, encounters Smokey the Bear in the forest and learns an important lesson: stay the hell away from grown men who dress as Smokey the Bear and lurk around the forest.

Mike, Kevin and Bill each experienced “Visions in the Forest”* during the riffing of this short.

*Standard amounts of thirst

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