Families: Earning and Spending

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


22 April 2011

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Anybody who strapped in for the thrill ride that was Families: Food and Eating probably assumes they got the whole story. Three families from three different countries prepared food, and they ate it. Knuckle-whitening stuff, no doubt, but could there possibly be more? Hold on to your culturally-appropriate hat, because THERE SURE IS!! That food didn’t just come from nowhere, sonny, and Families: Earning and Spending is here to fill you in!

All the stereotypical families are back. The smug, stoned San Franciscans, the efficient, unsmiling Japanese, and the hard-working, thank-God-they-can’t-see-the-spoiled-San-Francisco-family Mexicans! It’s a full-on prequel...or is it a series reboot? Hm. Well, the characters are the same, so, leaning prequel...but there’s definitely some retcon happening, though, so probably reboot? Eh, who knows. We’ll just have to let the rabid, Hitler-invoking commenters over at the “Families Shorts Series Wiki” fight it out!

Join Mike, Kevin and Bill and spend a little well-earned time with Families: Earning and Spending!

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