Carnivorous Plants

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


7 April 2009

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Carnivorous Plants!  Like Wii Boxing, they're one of those things that instantly becomes 1000X less cool the moment you bring it home and try it out.  Rather than quickly earning their keep and chomping down on your neighbors annoying labradoodle, your carnivorous plant instead sits on your window sill, vowing that he'll get to work tomorrow.  You show off their opening and closing ability to disinterested friends who suddenly realize that Wii Boxing wasn't that bad after all, while your housefly population triples in size and begins to plot a coup.  Soon after, the plant dies when you go to visit your grandmother in Sarasota.

Yes, Carnivorous Plants are a big let down.  Which is why it's a good thing that the short Carnivorous Plants deals mainly with stock footage of transportation and discussions about mousetraps.  We believe the plants do not make an appearance until the short has actually ended.  The whole thing is tied together by a narrator who babbles his way towards an irrefutable conclusion: Carnivorous Plants are way cooler in the movies.

Mike, Kevin and Bill declare this their finest Carnivorous Plant-related riffing not containing a character named Seymour Krelborn.




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