Call It Free Part 1

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


10 November 2009

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For anyone who has ever dreamed of quitting their job and going to work as a mechanic at a 1950s service station, Call It Free is the next best thing! Many of us don't have the guts to strap on a grease-stained jumpsuit with our name embroidered on it, and even more of us get hung up on the difficulty of time-traveling back to the 50s, but that doesn't stop us from wistfully stealing a glance in our rearview mirror as we pull out of the gas station and thinking "Exactly what language was that clerk speaking?"

Fortunately, Call It Free brings all your grease monkey fantasies to life. A Dizzy Dame, whose husband affectionately nicknames her Hank (due to her resemblance to the legendary country musician, Waylon Jennings), has car trouble. How will the local gas station manager treat her? With respect and helpful advice? Or will he nickel and dime her for repairs she doesn't need on parts her car doesn't even have? If you have to ask these questions, it's quite obvious that you are a visitor from a foreign planet. You might have luck finding employment at a nearby gas station.

Mike, Kevin and Bill, though no strangers to the exciting world of automobile maintenance, still have trouble figuring out just what on earth the title Call It Free is supposed to mean.


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