Beginning Responsibility: Being a Good Sport

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


14 June 2011

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Sometimes it’s really hard to be a good sport. Like when your fifth grade basketball team gets embarrassed 41-17 on the court, so you convince all the boys on your team to hock a loogie into their palms before shaking hands with the winning team. Then the goody-two-shoes on your team, James, rats you out to coach and you get in big trouble. So, as kids do, you dedicate your life to developing an elaborate revenge plan against James, culminating in cut brake lines and you doing 10 years hard time for no good reason. Hey, we’ve all been there, am I right? Kids will be kids!

Our new short, Being a Good Sport, tries to help you avoid such scenarios, but mainly just proves that snotty kids who don’t play well with others should be shunned for the safety of everyone involved. Embracing these adorable little psychopaths will earn you nothing but a knife in the back! Consider yourself warned!

On their way to riffing Being a Good Sport, Mike, Kevin and Bill played a friendly game of rock paper scissors to decide who got shotgun. The fistfight that ensued lasted until sundown and destroyed 3 residential blocks.

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