Beginning Responsibility: Getting Ready for School

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


1 July 2011

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Sure, great, here we go...”beginning” responsibility, and “getting” ready for school. Hey kids, how about for once you just GET responsible and BE ready for school? We’re tired of coddling you! Oh, you can’t eat your breakfast, because we put the plate up on top of the fridge and you can’t reach it because you’re only five years old? Yeah well everyone’s got some kind of sob story, just figure it out buddy! Oh, sure, cry, guess you don’t need any help learning how to “begin” doing THAT.

Inexplicable rage aside, Beginning Responsibility: Getting Ready for School centers on two wholesome 1950s lads, Pete and Ricky, and their morning routines. One boy’s home runs as smoothly as a Swiss watch, while the other is as disorganized and maddeningly chaotic as one of those Canadian watches you never hear about (and now you know why).

Hurry up and join Mike, Kevin and Bill for Beginning Responsibility: Getting Ready for School because the late bell already rang twice and if you don’t get inside now all the good educations will be taken!

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