A Badger's Bad Day

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


19 April 2011

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A Badger’s Bad Day is the harrowing tale of a Badger who works as a middle manager at a cell phone case manufacturing plant. He returns home after a particularly exhausting shift to discover a window broken on his house, and the front door ajar. His family is gone, but there are signs of a struggle. A bloody knife is discovered in the bathroom sink, and a severed toe is prominently placed on the kitchen table, on top of a taunting ransom note. Badger, filled with rage, must hunt down his family’s abductors on a journey that will uncork the decades of repressed rage he had worked so hard...so hard to keep down...Sure, Badger’s having a Bad Day...But for the kidnappers, it’s about to get even worse...

What’s that? Not even remotely resembling the plot of this short? In reality, Badger just gets sprayed by a skunk and then encounters other woodland creatures who seem more indifferent than hostile to him. Well I guess that wouldn’t really equal a “Good Day.” Though does that by definition make it a “Bad Day”? Some might say...dear god! Is that a toe on my kitchen table!?! Oh wait, no, it’s a Cheeto. Mmm, delicious...

Mike, Kevin and Bill consider any day involving badgers to be a Good Day.

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