Shorts Vol. 2

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Remember the instructional films your teachers used to show you whenever they wanted to sneak out for a smoke, or just nap in the back of the classroom? They're back! Only this time Mike, Kevin and Bill are there to exact revenge with their signature brand of hilarious running commentary!

Yes, from the authoritarian 40s right up to the groovy, do-whatever-you-want 70s, they were there, lecturing, hectoring and always, always insisting that you practice proper hygiene. Includes nine complete shorts, from the bizarre monkey themed safety film One Got Fat, the caffeinated Beat generation frenzy of Coffee House Rendezvous, and the brutal self assessment that comes with Are You Popular? Wheel in the A/V cart, close the shades, turn off the lights and laugh along with master riffers Mike, Kevin and Bill. It's like spending the evening with your funniest friends!

1)      One Got Fat
2)      Lunchroom Manners
)      Each Child is Different
4)      Why Won't Cathy Eat Breakfast-Petaluma Chicken
5)      Act Your Age
6)      Safety: Harm Hides at Home
7)      Coffee House Rendezvous
8)      Are You Popular?
9)      Good Heath Practices


Release date

June 16, 2009


120 minutes

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