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Couldn’t finish all those shorts in one sitting because you filled up on cream cheese wontons? Not a problem, RiffTrax is here with Shorts To-Go! Filled to the brim with spicy deep-fried jokes that’ll keep you laughing all the way to the Alka-Seltzer!

Your Shorts To-Go package contains 8 delicious RiffTrax shorts, featuring the signature riffing of chefs Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. A smorgasboard of flavorful vintage “educational” material that’s ripe for the mocking.

You’ll meet William, whose well-meaning but creepy grandpa urges him toward a lifetime of confusion in William’s Doll. Marvel at the excuses people used to avoid buckling up in Seatbelts: The Life-Saving Habit -- hey, kids fall down all the time, they’ll be fine! And those of you who still WASH YOUR CLOTHING IN GASOLINE will be startled to learn that might not be a good idea with the classic More Dangerous Than Dynamite. And many more!

Wrap it up, head home, and enjoy RiffTrax Shorts To-Go! (may contain MSG)

This shorts compilation DVD includes:

Seatbelts: The Life-Saving Habit
Watch Out For My Plant!
Family Teamwork
Whatever the Weather
Are All People The Same?
Things are Different Now
William's Doll
More Dangerous than Dynamite

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DVD ($9.95)

Release Date

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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