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23 September 2008

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Ah, the summer of 1963—and what better place to spend it than with your family in the Catskills, dancing with the guy from Road House to pop songs from the 80’s!

An oily Patrick Swayze, naïve Jennifer Grey and Jennifer Grey’s old nose star in this beloved(?) musical dramedy choreographed by Kenny “High School Musical” Ortega. Also starring Law & Order’s Jerry Orbach (who’s around so much dance murder he should be on the case) and a pre-Seinfeld Wayne Knight, this is the film that will make you think twice about putting your baby in ANY corner.

You’ll have the time of your life (or at least be glad you have one) watching this 80’s classic that holds up about as well as a paper mache bridge with Kirstie Alley crossing it.

Join Cole Stratton (Who?) and Janet Varney (Wha?) as they try to look on the bright side* and deconstruct this celebration of dance and watermelon-carrying.

*film could have been Mannequin or Freejack.


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