The Day After Tomorrow

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16 September 2008

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Leave your Prius in the garage and cash out your carbon debts!  It's time to watch the end of the world, which is our fault of course, as RiffTrax Presents Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy's razor-sharp political analysis of The Day After Tomorrow - which, by my reckoning, at least for today, may also be called Friday (day of the week may vary in your area; check your local calendar).

Director Roland Emmerich lends his usual subtle style to this story of a world in which we should constantly feel guilty for driving to get the pizza instead of walking.  Dennis Quaid stars as hard-driven scientist Harrison Ford, who discovers that a humble meteorologist, given enough power, can kill us all.  Jake Gyllenhaaaal sizzles as the guy they get when Toby Maguire is busy, and his congenital smirk lights up the screen.  Ian Holm adds the weensy bit of English charm that makes the other performances go down like overdone rump roast.  An ethnically balanced mob of nobodies rounds out the cast, but a special mention is merited for Kenneth Welsh, who plays a Cheney-esque Vice President so bilious, so bitter and acrid, that his performance actually eats a hole in the floor.  

Enjoy safely - and remember that downloading RiffTrax actually helps to save the environment!  As soon as we figure out how, we'll get back to you.

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