RiffTrax Plays With Their Shorts

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 Join Mike, Kevin and Bill as they exact their revenge on the safety and educational films you were forced to watch while your substitute teacher slept in the back of the classroom. THe guys serve up their signature brand of rapid fire, laugh-out-loud commentary over such classics as Contance Bennett's Daily Beauty Rituals. (Who is Constance Bennett, and why should we trust her? Who the hell knows! Or cares!) Marvel at the bizarre behind-the-scenes goings-on as A Circus Wakes Up. Sit up straight and keep your mouth shut as they teach you exactly What it Means to be an American.

Get ready for two hours of non-stop laughter as RiffTrax Plays with Their Shorts!

This collection includes the following shorts:

 - What it Means to be an American
- Going Steady
- Understanding Your Ideals
- A Circus Wakes Up
- Highway Mania
- Teenagers on Trial
- Women in Blue
- Wing, Claw and Fang!
- Constance Bennett's Daily Beauty Rituals

Bonus Footage:  Five minutes of alternate riffs for What It Means to Be An American!

Release date

May 25, 2010


120 minutes

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