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Now that marijuana (aka "reefer", "bud", "stick", "whoopie doopie", "happy grass", "tingle weed", "Abe Lincoln", "the halt", "muffin", "chew", "altoid", "the Fonz", "little Ricky", "sleestack", "chumba wumba", "red dynamite", "the oaf", "fat man", "little boy", "Richard Milhouse Nixon", "Area 51") has been eliminated as a scourge, it's interesting to go back and look at the film that was almost singlehandedly responsible for its demise. Yes, Reefer Madness let the world know that even a single dose of marijuana (aka "whip scorpion", "Batman", "Holyfield vs. Lewis", "the Kremlin", "babelfish", "Mason Reese", "chowhound", "slab bacon") caused insane laughter, enhanced skill at ragtime piano, the inability to avoid hitting old men with your car, and defenestration.

Mike, Kevin and Bill light up...THE STUDIO to take on Reefer Madness.

Note: We consider this a brand new RiffTrax as it is vastly different from Mike's previous solo take. You can choose which version to download (normal mp3 or Video on Demand) using the dropdown box to the right.

The audio commentary is only guaranteed to work with the Legend Films edition of Reefer Madness (available by clicking the "Get the DVD" button on the right.)

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Release date

January 20, 2009


68 minutes

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