One Turkey, Two Turkey

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When you ask a company like ACI, makers of the now-infamous “Grasses” and “Boxes” shorts, to create a film teaching kids to count to ten, there are three things of which you can be certain. One, you can count on the fact that if you’re talking to someone at ACI, they are attempting to speak to you on a telephone made out of old, damp egg cartons. Two, you know the end product they give you will not teach children how to count, but WILL teach them how to succumb to the chaos of life and turn their backs on reason with whimsy and a shaky, nervous smile. Three, well, we’d list a third thing here, but we learned to count from ACI and frankly, after two we always get confused and take a nap under the kitchen sink.

One Turkey, Two Turkey plunges the viewer gobble-deep into the hideous, squawking world of a commercial turkey farm. Juxtaposing images of these terrified birds awaiting execution with a cheerful, legitimately catchy song about counting is just the sort of special touch that only ACI could give. (note: other “special touches” given by ACI have resulted in criminal charges)

Mike, Bill, & Kevin were so disoriented after riffing One Turkey, Two Turkey that they picked up forks and knives and chased each other in a circle for a full 3 hours before someone had the sense to fry up some bacon and snap them out of it.

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August 19, 2011

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