Overcoming Fear

Short Classic shorts complete with the jokes combined!


28 January 2009

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Fear: Most of us rejected it in the mid-90s by wearing trendy t-shirts emblazoned with slogans such as "Second Place is the First Loser."  This national "No Fear" campaign almost single-handedly eradicated Fear from our streets.  Unfortunately, one day America woke up and realized just how gut-wrenchingly lame those t-shirts were.  The shame quickly gave way to a much more powerful emotion:  Fear. 

Yes, Fear has returned to our society, which makes the message of the 1950 educational short Overcoming Fear all the more important.  It teaches us that your Fears are irrational, and are best confronted head-on.  It features the greatest locker room confrontation scene since a be-toweled Iceman called out Maverick, nerds standing up for what they believe in, and a dog so terrifying, it makes Cujo look like the Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

What better way for Mike, Kevin and Bill to Overcome their Fear of Overcoming Fear than by riffing the short Overcoming Fear!



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