Nobody Tells Me What to Do!

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Nobody Tells Me What To Do! is a film about peer pressure felt and applied, surrendered to, and defeated. A tale of triumph not to be missed.

The story focuses on Zach, a quitter who quits everything but whose charm and charisma holds sway over an entire sophomore class and Gary, the hard working everyman who wears his baseball uniform to school.

Set on a typical 1980’s day at a typical 1980’s mall, Zach and his gang apply peer pressure to Gary to enlist him in an evening of larceny. Meanwhile, his beautiful girlfriend Carrie bullies the popular girls (and Donna) into shoplifting at Cleo’s boutique. Sounds like a typical morality film you watch when there's a substitute teacher, right? Exactly!

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Release date

September 29, 2016

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