Making Sense with Sentences

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Meet The Sentencesmith! Some say this wacky old gent has a way with words! Good thing, since he lives on the Island of Grammaria, where he runs a workshop teaching all the little boys and girls the rules of...Say, is that a monkey over there in the corner of the workshop?

It is! Boy, this is going to be one heck of a short! What’s that you say, Sentencesmith? Ignore the monkey, and focus on basic sentence construction? OK, OK...So, the predicate is always followed by the - I’m sorry, it’s kind of hard with the monkey right there. It’s just that it’s bound to do something hilarious any minute and - Right, grammar. Focus on grammar.

You were saying how a sentence is like a treasure map because it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t follow it in the proper LOOK, WHY WOULD YOU HAVE A MONKEY IN THIS SHORT IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THE MONKEY!? WHY TEASE US THAT WAY?! WHY!!! WHY!!! WH-!!!

We here at RiffTrax would like to apologize for the previous copy, which was written by an intern driven mad by the inexplicable fact that this lengthy short refuses to acknowledge the presence of a background monkey throughout its duration. Well, he was either driven mad by that or by The Sentencesmith’s hideous nightcrawler-like lips. The point is, he’s dead now.

Mike, Kevin and Bill will never refuse to acknowledge the monkey.

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Release date

October 11, 2011

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