Magical Disappearing Money

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When we first received Magical Disappearing Money we assumed it was an M.C. Hammer biopic. Fortunately, it turned out to be something even more pathetic and strange! 

It’s the tale of a supermarket haunted by a witch, but not your standard-issue Hollywood witch. She’s more the “found her clothes in an oil puddle behind the Fashion Bug” kind of witch. The kind of witch who shows up at KFC five minutes before close, looking for free stale biscuits.  You can bet she didn’t attend Hogwarts, but maybe its discount online equivalent, Pigzits.

Join the Grocery Witch as she takes Mike, Kevin, and Bill on a spooky* journey into the dark realm of insignificant savings! After Magical Disappearing Money, you’ll never waste money on extravagances like “fancy seasoned rice” again!**  


**you absolutely will, and are right to do so 

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Release date

November 2, 2010

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