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Live and Learn has an important safety message for kids, namely “Hey kids, here’s a bunch of ideas for cool stuff that would be super fun to do! Now don’t do any of the stuff, and how dare you even think about it, and certainly don’t consider litigation against the film that gave you those ideas!” It’s the 1950s educational film equivalent of Keith Richards talking about his crazy fun life doing drugs, partying, and getting rich, then telling you to Just Say No.

Push your friend out of a boat! Start a fire in the yard with gasoline! Check out what’s happening at the bottom of a neat ravine! The only consequence is repeated trips to the hospital where you’ll get wrapped in bandages like a scary mummy by a friendly nurse, so you simply cannot lose!*

Live and Learn! Or don’t and die, either way it makes for a very funny short.

*Certainly don’t consider litigation against the ironic comedy website that gave you those ideas. Also we cannot guarantee your particular nurse will be friendly.

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Release date

February 5, 2013


13 minutes

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