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The Phantom Empire, Chapter 5 - Beneath the Earth

Though it's not technically a Cap'n Steve-O riff, I thought I should mention the Incomparable Podcast's most excellent riff on Chapter 5 of The Phantom Empire, which I co-wrote, co-performed, and all-edited:


Island of Misfit Riffs

Buyer beware!

The riffs you see before you are rejects!  Cast-offs!  Misfits!  Spurned jokes all, that were deemed not good enough for the 2009 RiffTrax Live Christmas Show (and maybe one or two that somehow managed to slip past the watchful eye of RiffTrax...

The Lost City, Chapter 5 - "Tiger Prey"

Ever wonder what really caused the Great Depression?  Spend 20 minutes with The Lost City, and you'll wonder no longer.  For the 1930s-era kids who spent all of their hard-earned pocket money to witness this slow, drab, action-free serial, great depression was the only...

All of the good ones were taken.

At Cap'n Steve-O's Old Style Goodtime FunTracks Factory, we've worked hard to come up with the stupidest name imaginable -- and it shows!

Keep an eye out for our first -- and quite possibly last -- riff, one week from today.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

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